Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pray for Connie

It seems I've had a lot of prayer requests lately, huh? But in a strange way, I find it exciting, because it's an opportunity to watch God work!

I know I've mentioned Connie on here before...I believe when her brother was diagnosed with cancer recently. Due to his diagnosis, she decided to get herself checked out from head to toe (she's also been having some problems with her stomach, etc.). Anyhow! They have found a spot on her pancreas, and will be sending her to MD Anderson to have further tests done.

So far, she's handling the news okay. The doctor who found the growth can't tell if the spot is filled with fluid, or is a solid mass, etc. so we don't know if it's cancerous or what.?

Would you please be praying for her peace of mind and her healing?

I'll keep you posted.



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Praying for Connie:)