Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're Back!

Well, the conference has come and gone, and we're back home in one piece. The conference was really good; I truly enjoyed the speakers! Dennis Rainey was there (which was really cool since this is the only conference he's speaking at ALL year), as well as Dan Jarrell & Kyle & Sharon Dodd. I had never heard of these speakers before, but they did a great job! We didn't learn anything new, but I suppose it helped reiterate some things we need to keep in mind over the course of our married life together.

The resort was fabulous, but oh my!! It is the largest thing I've ever seen!!! We weren't the only conference there mind you, and our conference alone had over 4,200 people in attendance!! The day's were filled with sessions, with 15 minute breaks spread throughout the day (as well as one for lunch)...try getting 4,200 people fed (in the snack line) or to the bathroom, or through the book store in that amount of time! Impossible. Saturday morning, Paul and I decided to run to Cracker Barrel and get breakfast (thinking we were being smart) instead of going to one of the way over-priced (story on that shortly), too crowded restaurants (that you had to make reservations for if you wanted a seat, but didn't accept same-day reservations) in the resort. Well, we did make it back (right on time), but by the time we parked in the parking garage and high tailed it over to the convention center (down stairs, across parking lots, through the resort, down the hall, up the escalators, etc.) you've put in a good 20-30 minute semi-jog!! So, at least we got our exercise! :) It wasn't nearly as relaxing as I had hoped, but it was still good!

Okay, here's our over-priced story...after breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we really weren't very hungry for lunch. So, Paul had the bright idea of just picking up some snacks, taking them back to our room, and hanging out for an hour until the next session. I got a Coca-Cola Zero, and he a Vitamin Water. We grabbed a small package of Peanut M&M's (in case my bloodsugar went low during the conference), an individual sized bag of Dorito's, a box of Ritz crackers with a small block of Smoked Swiss cheese. $35!!!!! Isn't that insane??? Brunch on Sunday after the conference was over? $32 dollars a plate!!! Although I must admit, that was some GOOD food!!! And the atmosphere was really neat too. And needless to say, that by the time we even made it back to our room, we literally had like 15 minutes to eat before heading back out the door! HA!

I'm truly not complaining! I would do it all over again...just to spend time alone with Paul and get away from our day-in, day-out routine. It really was well worth it. But next time, I think we'll go to a smaller resort...a girl needs to relax! :)


Lori said...

Sounds FUN! Did they have those baskets of "free" snacks sitting in your hotel room??? ha! Do you remember that?

Glad you guys could get away...sounds like it was really good!

Bethany said...

No, no...no free snacks! I probably still owe you for that $100 microscopic bag of chocolate covered blueberries...or whatever it was we ate. :( Oops!!!