Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prayers for the Fielder Family

My very good friend Rebecca went home to be with her Lord & Savior yesterday evening after a long, hard battle with cancer.

This picture is of Rebecca and our third Amigo, Tina, taken just a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, even with all the time we spent together, I don't have any pictures of us! Even with her sickness drawing to a close in her body, she still had a sparkle in her eye and joy in her heart!

I spoke with her husband (she always referred to him as "My beloved") Bobby this morning, and he's really at a loss...understandably so. Rebecca has 3 boys...her eldest Mitchell McCall (she called him "My Mitchell"), Austin and "Mr." Aaron. In fact, she called Aaron that so often, one day I was drawing a blank on his middle name and I asked him as I was buckling him up in our car, "What's your middle name?" He said, "Aaron." I said, "No, your first name is Aaron." He came back with, "No, it's my middle name." I then said, "Your name is Aaron _____ Fielder." And he said, "My name is Mr. Aaron Fielder!" Ha-ha-ha!!! She also has one little grandson, Lyric Micah McCall.

Rebecca was such a Godly woman, speaking Scriptures, encouraging you, looking on the bright side of things, never one to complain!! She and I got to be very good friends a little over 8 years ago-right after Aaron was born...and even as close as we were, she was still a very closed, private person. She never liked to focus on herself and her cancer...never one to offer up information, but leaving one to ask point-blank questions. She would answer (sometimes indirectly) and then change the subject. :) That was Rebecca!

I think her two favorite words were, "Yes, Dear!" If you talked to her longer than 10 seconds, you were all but guaranteed to be called, "Dear." And dear she was!

I will truly miss my friend, but take comfort in the fact that this separation is only temporary. We shall be together again in Heaven!

In the meantime, please keep her family in your prayers as she is leaving behind a huge void in their lives, yet such a tremendous legacy!!!


Lori said...

Beautifully said!!!!

I laughed at the "yes dear" part. That's all I can hear.....her voice saying those 2 words. ha!

I am going to try my hardest to get to Edna on Fri. I literally will have to make the drive there and back in one day.....but I just can't stand not being there!

Tina said...

I absolutely feel sad that my friend is not here but am so excited that she is in NO pain and in the arms of our creator. I am sure she has so many treasures built up up there that Jesus is still reading off the list!! I am so thankful to have had the experience to have gotten to know her. There was always that light that shined through her so very bright! When I simply thought about her a smile appeared on my face. What a wonderful person and what an inspiration that she continues to be!!
I loved your blog! And by you quoting some of the things she said, I again find a smile on my face.
When I would leave her house she would say, "My Dear, May the angels watch over you and carry you home safely." They did just that with her last night!
I look forward to the next time we meet and she has no more pain!