Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...More Than a Week Late!

Actually, I haven't made any resolutions because I never wind up keeping them, so I figured, "What's the point?" I do however need to start exercising again. After my friend Connie & I quit working out after she hurt her foot several months ago, I just never jumped back on the bandwagon. I was reading on my friend Kara's blog, Home With Purpose, the other day and she mentioned posting her workout results (we both use T-Tapp) every week on her blog to help keep her accountable. So, I figured I would borrow her idea and attempt to do the same. I then decided to re-measure and was HORRIFIED to find that I had actually GAINED inches instead of just staying the same (not that I expected to lose anything, but to gain more?!? Come on!)! :-(

Here are my stats (in inches only...I'm NOT revealing my actual measurements):

Chest: +2 1/2"
Bust: +2 1/2"
Ribs: +2"
Waist: Miraculously stayed the same! ;)
Abs: +5 1/2" Aaaah!!! The shock, the horror!!!
Hips: +2 1/2"
Upper Right thigh: + 3/4"
Upper Left thigh: +3/4"
Lower Right thigh: ~ the same
Lower Left thigh: ~ the same
Right calf: - 1/2"
Left calf: -1/4"
Right arm: ~ the same
Left arm: ~ the same

Well, tomorrow is Day 1. Since it's been a while since I've done any exercise, I think I'm going to just do the 15 minute instructional workout and take it from there. I'll post each Monday with a new report.

Wish me luck!!! :)

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