Monday, September 29, 2008

A Child's Heart

While cleaning out my car a couple of days ago, I found this piece of wrinkled paper lying on the floorboard. I picked it up to throw it away, but when I looked at it, this is what I saw. I thought it was very sweet. My 9 year old wrote this, and it's called, "God Gives."

He knows everything about me.
He knows everything I want to be.
He knows everything I need.
This man I'm talking about is the Lord Almighty.
God gives everything I need.
God gives.

I love seeing these little glimpses into my children's hearts!!

There are days when I question myself, wonder if I'm ever going to get through to my kid's, and worry if I'm making a difference in their lives (for the good). And just when I need it, God places this in my hands to assure me, that He's busy at work and drawing them to Himself even when I feel like I'm faltering.

"...and how good is a timely word." Proverbs 15:23

What has God given you at just the right time when you needed it most?

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Susie said...

I can tell you are a wonderful Mom Bethany! What precious words to see written by your child's hand. Love it!