Sunday, September 21, 2008

My son thinks God is a Frog-napper!

This really made me laugh today and I wanted to share it with you all.

My kid's and I went to my oldest brother Clay's house this morning to help him pack up his belongings and to load the U-Haul (because for those of you who don't know, he accepted a job in Arkansas)! Clay had a few odds and ends that he was giving to the kid' being a stuffed animal frog. E (9) immediately laid claim to it, seeing as how he has a fascination with frogs, and always has (even as a baby)...whether they be real, stuffed, etc. When we got home, he brought the frog (affectionately known as Frog-O) into the kitchen and sat down in the kitchen floor and got out a pair of scissors, a rectangular piece of cardboard that he also brought from Clay's, and went to work. He's busy creating Frog-O's habitat, and apparently N (8) took full advantage of the opportunity with E being distracted and swiped the beloved frog when E wasn't looking. E took the Twister game mat and folded it several times, making a nice, padded mattress for Frog-O, and took 2 paper towels as his blanket. He then asked to borrow two, shallow dipping bowls that I own for food/water dishes. He crumpled up a blue piece of paper for Frog-O's water, and cut an odd-shaped piece of cardboard for the food. Very creative, you think? Well, then it's time to put Frog-O into his new home, and lo and behold, he can't find him! I just assume he's misplaced him while gathering materials for the home, and tell him to look harder for the missing Frog. He assures me he's looked EVERYWHERE!!! I ask him if he's checked his bedroom, living room, closet, etc. After several minutes of searching frantically for Frog-O, E is very frustrated by this point and says, "That's it!!! He's not here! He's just disappeared!!" I tell him, "E, frog's don't just jump up and disappear. Well, the stuffed ones anway. He's got to be around here somewhere." To which E says, "Ya??? Well, the Bible says that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away! God had to have taken Frog-O because that's the only other reasonable explanation!!!!" HILARIOUS!!! Shortly after, however, N finally fessed up to having done the Frog-napping, and I'm happy to report that Frog-O is safely back at home, resting comfortably and enjoying a freshly cooked cardboard dinner. A happy ending to a stressful day!

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