Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baker Kid's Comedy Hour

I happened upon some funnies that I had written down on the kids last night and wanted to share. Of course you may not get the chuckle out of them that I did, but then again, that's my right as the parent to think they're hilarious. ;)

1. E (7 years) announced, "I know why we hold hands when we pray! So we won't eat the food!"

2. The rice that I was making for dinner wasn't through cooking, but N (6) was hungry, so I decided to go ahead and let him eat what was already prepared. I put a little bit of chicken and some vegetables on his plate, and when I put it in front of him at the table, he put his hands on the sides of his head and shook it while saying, "Gweat!! We must be poor!"

3. J and E (8 & 7) were playing together, but J didn't want to do anything that E suggested. Frustrated, he came to me and asked, "Does J even HAVE an imagination?? Because she never uses it!"

4. On Sunday, January 1, 2006, J (7) was told to clean her room. She said, "Do I have to??" When I told her yes, she replied with, "But Mom, it's the Sabbath!"

5. Just one day later (1/2/06), we were outside watching the kid's play with their battery operated Jeep they got for Christmas the week before. J attempted to run down E (who were both laughing hysterically), not realizing he could have gotten hurt...she thought since it was just a "toy" car it wouldn't do any damage. Once we got her stopped and explained otherwise to her, N (5) immediately runs and lays down in front of the Jeep. When we told him to get up, he said, "But I need to learn my lesson the hard way!"

6. In December of 2006, we took a family vacation to Red River, New Mexico. Upon arriving in our cabin for the night, N excitedly runs around to check everything out. He runs into the kitchen and hollers out, "AWWW!!! The kid's even have their OWN TV!!!" It was a microwave.

7. E (7) and N (6) were in the backseat of our car fighting over a black crayon. Both boys claimed it was their own. E finally stopped arguing and said, "God, YOU know the truth...and HE ain't tellin' it!!!"

8. Again, E (7) and N (6) were arguing over a toy that N had taken away from E...and again, we were in the car. Yes, this scenario happens OFTEN. E says, "Tell N to give me back my toy!" N responds with, "I don't have it!! I put it in that...whatever it's called." Without missing a beat, E said, "Ya, it's called 'in your pocket.'"

Well, that concludes our show for the evening, folks. Hope you enjoyed yourselves. Please come back again soon.

“God has brought me laughter. All who hear about this will laugh with me." Genesis 21:6


Trellus said...

That brought a smile to my face.

Bethany said...

Ya, mine too. They're a lot of fun! :)