Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Was Hairless When Hairless Wasn't Cool!

Kind of like the song, "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool."

I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when I was in 4th grade, back in 1985. My mom happened upon a couple of bald spots on my scalp one day, and have since undergone numerous shots (15-20 per spot) and several different creams throughout the years to try to treat it, in hopes of getting my hair to grow back. Thankfully, it doesn't affect my scalp as severely as it does the rest of my body. Somewhere along the way, the hair on my arms and legs has disappeared...which makes shaving a thing of the past. I honestly can't complain at all in that regard!!

Now fast forward 20+ years:

J's going into the 6th grade this fall and wanted to start shaving, but was/is afraid of cutting herself with a razor. So, she decided she wanted to try these instead:

Have you seen them on TV or in the store? Since when did it become fashionable to look like you have Alopecia?? I totally get not wanting hair on your legs and under your arms (I unfortunately still have to shave there). But the commercials show these women using these crystals on their faces, arms, underarms, legs, etc. Why haven't there been commercials all these years showing women shaving their faces and their arms??

Not much of a point here in this post. I just find it ironic. Now then, don't you feel smarter after reading this? ;)

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