Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Then, Christmas Now

The picture above is the scene we woke up to on Christmas morning 2004. It truly was a miracle!! We received well over a foot of snow! What made it even more miraculous is that we (meaning South Texas)were the ONLY place in the ENTIRE United States that got snow!! We live out in the country with only one neighbor, and a pasture on our left, and 29 acres behind us, a state park across the street, and another campground on the other side of our neighbor's it was like one huge snow blanket all around us!!!! I still have a hard time believing it, even when I look at the pictures now.

This however, is the scene we woke up to this morning, Christmas Day 2008. Not quite the same. :) We're expecting a high of around 75 degrees, last I heard. Only in South Texas can you go from a high of 46 degrees one day, and a high of 79 the next. It's crazy I tell you! Just crazy.

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