Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

No big party. No noise makers. No loud firecrackers. We spent a nice, quiet evening here at home with Paul's sister and family. They drove in from Brenham for a few hours and as always, had a very good time visiting! When I think of Christ on Earth, I think of this dear, precious family. One time my kids and I were talking about the rapture, and what Heaven will be like. We were talking about how there would be no more sin, and how nice it will be when there's no more selfishness, arguing, anger, etc. and Jamie looks up at me and says, "You know Mom, I don't think Aunt GiGi's going to change very much!" I know she's human, as are Greg and the kids, but I couldn't help but agree with her. Christ is very evident in their lives, and I am thankful for the example they set before us. Greg and Angie, we love you guys!!!!

After they left, I began to fill out my calendar for the upcoming year. I couldn't help but think about the future, and what it will hold. As I would write in a square, I would try to picture that day in my mind, wondering about what would be happening on that particular day.

I like to keep my old calendars from years past, because that's where I keep track of birthday's, anniversaries, special events, etc. and I can go back through them and reminisce. Sometimes it's fun to relive the memories, but sometimes it can be equally as painful.

No matter what lies ahead, these are a few of my goals for 2009:

*That we as a family, and I personally, will grow in grace.

*I pray that we will throw off everything that hinders, not getting distracted by busyness or grow complacent, but will run the race with perseverance.

*I want to learn to hear Jesus' voice more clearly.

*To learn how to slow down and thoroughly enjoy each and every moment with my children, friends and family. Not just make it through another day, but to really live.

*Grow in self-discipline...whether in my eating and exercise habits, or in my Bible reading, and prayer time. I think every area of my life could use an extra dose of this medicine.

*I want to understand more of God's unconditional love for me, and allow it to change me. To love Him in return with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. And for my children to see Him making a difference in my life.

*To read through the Bible (in its entirety) as a family.

I know this isn't a complete list, but those were the main issues on my heart. I can always go back and add more.

"Lord Jesus, Thank You that You desire to have a relationship with us. Thank You that we can come to You anytime-but help us not only to make our requests known to You, but to also listen to Yours as well. I ask that this year, You would remove any and all distractions and obstacles that may be keeping us from hearing Your voice. Please quiet and still our hearts and minds. Lord, I ask that You would do whatever it takes to continually turn our hearts toward You, giving us an ever-growing, never-ending hunger for You and Your Word. Give us the ears to hear You, the wisdom to listen and the courage to obey. Please bind our minds to Your mind, our thoughts to Your thoughts, our will to Your will, our hearts to Your heart, and our lives to Your purposes. Thank You for being a God of compassion and mercy, and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. There is no one else like You!"


Regina said...

It is January and no blog yet what is the deal?

Jen and Clint - said...

Hi Bethany! It was so great to see a note from you on my blog! Wow! I was so surprised! It's been forever. Thank you for your sweet comment. I'm glad to know you don't think Kelly looks like a boy either!
I'm so glad to see what a wonderful woman, wife and mom you have become- oh, I sound so old now! LOL
Thanks for the note. I hope to keep up with you as time allows.

God bless you and yours and help you accomplish all your goals for '09!