Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

With Paul at our church's Christmas Eve service, Jamie in the shower, and my 2 sick boys sleeping, it's pretty quiet around the house.

I've been thinking about my favorite Christmas back in 2005. We invited a very dear friend over to spend Christmas morning with us, and it's one I will never forget!! She came dressed in her pajamas, and of course we were all in ours as well. We were all so excited to give her her gifts, knowing she had no idea what she was in for! She didn't know she was getting anything, but thought she was just coming to eat breakfast with us. We all drew numbers after we ate to see who would go first opening their gifts, so the fun wouldn't be over in less than 5 seconds with all the kid's ripping and tearing into the packages. ;)

I don't remember what number Jacque had, but I remember the look on her face as she began opening her gifts. She was truly overwhelmed, and didn't know what to say. It wasn't because we bought her some extravagant, expensive gifts, but it was because we loved Jacque, so we knew what she needed and what she liked...we hand picked the specific gifts she had mentioned wanting but could never afford herself and didn't have any family to buy for her either. She has the most horrendous, painful past I've ever personally heard! Paul, the kids' and I loved her, and she was really part of our family!

I love, love, love buying for someone who cannot repay me! I honestly get no greater joy than giving when I know I cannot "get" in return.

And it just made me wonder...when God sent His one and only Son Jesus to this earth as a gift to us, did He receive that same joy knowing we could never repay Him?? Surely He didn't just say, "Look. We don't have any other choice. If you want 'em, then you're gonna have to go down there and get 'em yourself." I think He was ecstatic and thrilled that He got to give us that special, hand-picked gift that we would treasure forever. I'm sure Jacque doesn't have many, if any, of her gifts left, but unlike her coffee pot or whatever else we may have given her that may be broken or forgotten, Jesus will be around for eternity.

Enjoy your Christmas present found in Jesus! I pray you too will be overwhelmed by His love and grace in the coming year.

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