Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love Dare-Day 2 Update

Well, we're at the end of Day 2. In addition to having to keep my mouth shut today, I also had to perform one random act of kindness.

In regards to my attitude lately, I feel like I'm not even on the playing field. I'm in the negative. So any act of kindness, as small and simple as it may be (such as opening the door, picking up an item that was dropped, etc.), I consider progress.

We had another confrontation this morning, but I just prayed my way through it, and asked God to set a guard over my mouth and keep my lips sealed.

In tomorrow's dare, (also in addition to not saying anything negative) I'm supposed to buy something to let him/her know I'm thinking about them.

How about a bottle of Xanax? Just kidding!

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