Monday, October 6, 2008

Nothing Inparticular

I've got a million and one things to do, and I'm really overwhelmed! So, what am I doing? I'm choosing to do nothing! :) I don't know where to start...?

Here's just a few of my stressors:

*Last year after the kid's started school, I got into a really good routine of going straight out to the State Park and walking, then coming back home & cleaning, then going to work for a while, picking kid's up from school, and finishing the day up with homework, cooking dinner, etc. etc. This year, I haven't gotten back into my routine as easily. Or if the truth be told, at all! I feel like I'm on the run constantly, so my house stays in a semi-trashed state...which drives both Paul & I crazy. For those of you who know me well, you're probably thinking I'm insane...and you're probably correct in your judgement. However, even if my definition of "semi-trashed" may be different from your own, it's okay. Let's just agree to disagree and move on. ;) I would love to have a housekeeper to just come in once in a while and help me get back on track! But, I don't have one, so there's no sense in crying about it. Next subject.

*My cousin in Oklahoma is hosting a baby shower for a friend and would like for me to make the shower invitations. Which, I am very honored to do! I love, love, love doing things like that...I'm just already stressing & worrying over how I'm going to get it all done & if they're going to look okay. I don't even know when the shower is...which reminds me, I need to call her. Another thing added to my to-do list.

*I'm facilitating our women's Bible study from church these next six weeks, and we're starting up tomorrow evening. The workbooks still haven't been delivered to my doorstep, and I even paid extra for 2 day shipping (this was on Thursday). Pray they show up before tomorrow! We've decided on a study by Denise Glenn called, "Restore My Heart." I had the privilege of doing this study a while back with a MotherWise group from our former church, and I absolutely loved it!! But attending it and facilitating it are two totally different things...Lori, I have much more respect for you now! :) Any pointers??

*And last but not least, I just started a new Detox diet/supplements 6 days ago, and I'm loving it, yet I'm hating it. It's making me feel very nauseated & sick to my stomach at times, which is really interfering with my ever-growing to-do list...Oh well. It's the price I'm choosing to pay for getting my body back in working order. It's really quite fascinating to be honest with you. If you want to know more, just ask!

Well, that's enough complaining for now. It's time for me to take the pacifier out of my mouth, put my big-girl panties on and deal with it! HA!

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regina said...

Bethany, Thanks does not say enough, the invations were so cute to say the least, you have a God given talent ,thanks I know you are so busy with the kids and work and all, Love Ya Regina