Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kid Stuff

Noah is a real character!! I wanted to post this picture to give you just one example of the outfits he puts together...he's got quite the imagination! He's wearing his blue winter coat (with no shirt underneath), plaid pajama pants (he had just woken up when this picture was taken), his sister's brown boots, a camouflage helmet, and carrying a small plastic water gun. You can't see this in the picture, but he's also got a toy sword stuck in his gun holster, 2 party bags full of loot, and 101 (not literally) temporary tattoos all over his body from a birthday party he attended last night.

We had to stay home from church this morning because Ericson was sick to his stomach through the night. So instead of our normal on-the-go routine, we're just hanging out at the house. Jamie's been entertaining herself by cutting out various pictures of the Jonas Brothers, HSM3 actors/actresses, etc. and taping them to her bedroom walls. Ericson has since recovered from his stomach-bug and has been busy coloring or watching bits & pieces of a movie on TV.

My poor kids have inherited my love of going, going, going! They're not used to many lazy days here at home, & on several occasions, they've asked, "What are we doing today?" The last time Jamie asked, and I told her we were staying put, she says, "You mean I have to keep this beautiful face inside all day??? I need to share it with the world!"

She is so silly sometimes, she cracks me up! I know she was only joking, but we had a mini crash-course in humility...just in case! :)

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