Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Low-Down on the Weigh-In & Noah's Random Thoughts

Well, today was my first day to weigh in since beginning my Detox program 1 week ago. I have gone from 1_5 to 1_9!! And, no, that's not a 4 pound's a 6 pound loss!!! I'm excited! My clothes don't fit any differently, my face doesn't appear to be any thinner, but hey, 6 pounds is 6 pounds. I'll take what I can get! It hasn't been the easiest of weeks in regards to eating the right foods at the right times, and remembering to take my supplements when I should (especially when I'm not at home), but it's well worth it! My bloodsugar has dropped dramatically, which has been great also! It's nothing unusual for my bloodsugar to run in the 300's when I wake up in the morning...after a few days of being on this program though...97 was the average. Whoo-hoo!

Anyhow! I wanted to post a few random funnies on Noah. As much as he can frustrate me at times (see last post), he brings just as much (if not more) humor into our home! Jamie had Judgment House practice at 1:15 this afternoon, and Ericson spent the night with my mother-in-law, so after church, Paul wanted to go out to eat. And sadly, I broke my Detox for lunch. :( But I'm back on the band wagon...I tried to be as good as possible while we were out though. I just ate chicken and some vegetables. But that's beside the point for now. On the way home, Noah starts rambling, which is totally normal for him. He talks, sings or makes noises 99.9% of his waking hours. No joke. Mind you, NONE of this is rehearsed, planned, premeditated, etc. This is pure, 100% unfiltered Noah. My mom says he reminds her of a machine gun, shooting off a thousand random bullets at a time. :)

"Mom, are you a Democrack? Or a Publican? A long time ago, Democracks were good & Publicans were bad...that's when they lived in Egypt. But now the Democracks are bad & the Publicans are good. At least that's what that person told me. But I think Obama & McCain BOTH stink!!!!! Did you know that it's illegal to kill a platypus? Platypus' live in the Amazon, in Africa, or sometimes in Texas. Did you know that Coltin has some bulls and it jumped over the cage & killed his uncle? It kicked him in the chin. He said he had 2, 6 or 7 calfs. I like trucks like that. The tallest man in the world can ride a bull for 30 minutes, and the shortest man in the world can ride for only 1 second."

This is only part of what came out of his mouth...just a small peek into the mind of my 8 year old random son. :) I can't remember the rest. After a while, Paul & I just smile & nod. I guess everyone needs a listening ear from time to time.

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