Saturday, November 22, 2008

11 Years Ago Today...

I became Mrs. Paul Baker! I can't believe 11 years have gone by so quickly!? In those 11 years, we have acquired 3 children, moved 6 times, gained and lost 20+ cats, 2 dogs, 1 bird, 14+ chickens and a rooster. :)

When I woke up this morning, Paul was in the shower, so I jumped out of bed, got his gift from it's hiding place, put it in front of the bathroom door, then climbed back in bed. These hard wood floors are cold!! When he opened the door, he said, "You beat me to it! I wanted to give you yours first!" So he went and got my present...he surprised me with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings!! Or if you look at them in view of eternity, I'm wearing small bits of the wall in my ears! Ha-ha! :)

Around noon we went to Paul's grandparent's 67th Wedding Anniversary party and hung out with family for most of the afternoon. The boy's especially had a blast! One of Paul's cousins, Jay, is an archaeologist, and upon learning of Ericson's love of archaeology, he gave both boys a few dinosaur bones, shark teeth, and even...petrified dinosaur poop!!?? The boy's are fascinated to say the least! :) Jay even invited us to go on a dig with him, so we're looking at the calendar to find a good time. After that, Noah ran and got a piece of paper and a pen, thrust them at Jay, and asked for his autograph! Ha-ha! :) When Jay wrote his name down, Noah responded with, "SWEET NIBLETS!!!" And then jumped and ran out the front door! They are so funny!

My sister Sara offered to keep our kid's for us tonight so we could go out to eat, so when we left the party, we dropped them off at her apartment, and ate dinner at the Olive Garden. It wasn't planned this way, but that's actually where we ate on our Honey Moon. It was fun reminiscing about our wedding day 11 years ago. We have both changed and grown so much. I am truly blessed beyond measure with having Paul as my husband and best friend!


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