Monday, November 17, 2008

My 8's


8 TV Shows (in no particular order...I very rarely even watch TV!!):

1. American Idol
2. Extreme Makeover-Home Edition
3. Jimmy Kimmel (sometimes I laugh, sometimes I want to jump through the TV & choke him)
4. Local News
5. Cops
6. House
7. Diff'rent Strokes Reruns
8. Tori & Dean (only on occasion at my friend Connie's...we don't even have cable.)

8 Restaurants:

1. Johnny Carino's (their garlic/oil is the best!)
2. Jason's Deli
3. Red Lobster
4. Palacios Mexican Restaurant
(Chips & hot sauce are a mandatory staple in this woman's diet) :)
5. Olive Garden
6. Joe's Crab Shack
7. Sonic
8. Texas Road House

8 Things That Happened Today (the day is just getting started, so I'm going to reminisce about yesterday):

1. Went to church.
2. Went to my parent's house.
3. Ate lunch.
4. Visited with my cousin Patty, who is in from Corpus for a visit.
5. Played with my nieces and nephew.
6. Listened to Alli cry (several times). For some reason, the swing was really attracted to the left side of her face.??
7. Drove home.
8. Went to sleep.

Now doesn't that sound like a fascinating day??

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Our Women's Bible Study tomorrow night.
2. Picking up my kid's from school this afternoon.
3. A few more hours of peace & quiet before I pick up my kid's from school this afternoon.
4. Spending the day with Paul since he's off of work today.
5. Decorating for Christmas.
6. Going Christmas shopping.
7. My anniversary in 5 days.
8. Seeing my mom and Patty sometime today.

There you have it folks! Just more random, useless information you probably didn't care to know about me. ;)


Susie said...

This was so fun to read! I haven't eaten at Palacios Mexican Restaurant, but since I love mexican food so much I will have to give it a try.

Happy Anniversary early! Hope you have a wonderful day together.

Bethany said...

11 years have just flown by! Next time you decide to go camping, we'll make a trip over to Palacios Restaurant. ;)