Monday, November 24, 2008

N's Personality in Pictures

These are but a few examples of the range of emotions we experience daily with Noah, and show but a glimpse of his true personality. One of these days I'm going to have to write a book...but you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway. :) Here's a sample of "accomplishments" in his short life so far...I wonder what the future holds?

1. He's broken a glow-in-the-dark bracelet and dripped the juice in his eyes (intentionally) because he wanted his eyes to glow.

2. He unlocked his car door and jumped out while I was pulling up to their school...Thank the Lord for school zones!

3. He ate Floor-tile adhesive at our former pastor's house because he "wanted the frosting!" I'm telling you, this child has a sugar craving unlike any other I've ever seen.

4. When he was right under 2 years old, I unbuckled him from his car seat. He literally jumped out of the car, ran around the back and immediately grabbed my tail pipe!! A quick trip to the ER, some meds. for the pain, and he recovered quite nicely from the 2nd degree burns. Thankfully, the next couple of times he pulled that stunt, my car hadn't been driven, so the tail pipe was cool. ????

5. He opened 2 entire boxes of my contact lenses and disposed of them. Not sure if they went down the sink or in the trash.? When confronted, he finally admitted to the crime, and told me he was playing with "those invisible things."

6. He put an empty shotgun shell (that he found after P's cousin went hunting at our place) into a battery charger...then inserted his finger to see what would happen. A nice little "shock" to the system.

7. He got into some locked cabinets in our church, snuck out with a book of matches, a candle and a lighter...then proceeded to set paper towels on fire in the kid's bathroom!! We had a nice little chat (at my request) with the Fire Marshall, Mr. Buster Chase. Nice man!

8. 4th day of school this past September...I get a call from the school nurse. N "found" something in the restroom, and was "brave" enough to report it to his teacher. In actuality, he took one of my insulin syringes to school!!! WITHOUT THE LID ON IT!!!!????? I about had a heart attack. I didn't even know he knew where my supplies were kept...I keep them hidden, I promise!

I could go on, but your brain probably can't handle anymore at this moment in time. ;)

I love this little boy more than you'll ever know-in spite of everything we've been through! There is NO doubt in my mind WHATSOEVER that God brought him to us...maybe not as a peaceful, sleeping newborn, but as a chubby, screaming, 30 pound, 10 month old. I had no idea what we were in for at the time, but I am so humbled and honored to be his mother. He daily teaches me more and more about God's grace and mercy and forgiveness and unconditional love than I ever thought possible. I didn't find this out until some time after the adoption was final, but did you know that adopted children are legally bound to you forever? You can disown your biological children, but never an adopted one?? Sound familiar? We're all adopted into God's family as His children, and we cannot lose our salvation! Pretty cool, huh?


Susie said...

Bethany, you have quite a cutie there! I think he is going to be a pretty amazing adult. Sounds very adventurous, and confident.

Love that you adopted. I didn't know that :)

Bethany said...

Yes, we brought him July 4th of 2001. He is literally our little "Firecracker!!!" Buzzing, zinging, popping, and exploding everywhere he goes! :)