Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Cry for Help!

I just had to post this! We're up early this Saturday morning because Jamie's Robotic's team is heading to Kingsville for it's competition. When I woke Ericson up, he starts sniffing and I could tell he had a stuffy nose. He then starts talking and his voice is pretty hoarse as well. He gets up, makes his bed, gets dressed and then proceeds to take his dirty clothes to the hamper. I'm in the other room when I hear this quiet, hoarse voice say, "Help?" I go in the kitchen/dining room, and find Ericson in the hamper. Don't ask me how he fell in, but instead of reaching in to help him, I said, "Wait! Do you mind if I grab the camera first??" He just grins and says, "I'll wait."

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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