Sunday, November 9, 2008

Innocent Blood

I was just now cleaning out my computer cabinet (it's behind closed doors, so I can normally get away with keeping it in a semi-trashed state, but it was pretty bad), and I came across a piece of paper that reminded me of a funny on Ericson.

Last October, the kid's and I were riding with our now pastor and his wife, with 2 of their teenage girls to the County Fair. We had just met them a few weeks earlier, so we were still trying to put our best foot forward. On the way, I was telling them another funny on Ericson & Noah. Ericson got really embarassed, and his 8 year old brain couldn't quite figure out how to get me to stop before I got any further, so he did the only thing he could think of...he SCREAMED!!!! Not just a short scream, but a scream that lasted about 5 seconds. I got upset, and under my breath, I said to him, "If you ever act like that again, I'm going to knock your teeth out of your mouth!" (Ashamedly, yes, I have a tendency at times to overreact and say things that I would never truly carry out...similar to when my dad would ask, "Do you want me to knock you into the middle of next week?" Ah, good times!) When we got out of the van, he immediately grabs my hand as we walk towards the gate and says, "You know Mom, when I screamed, I'm sure you did want to knock my teeth out, but...doesn't the Bible say something about not shedding innocent blood??" He then cocks his head up at me and grins! I laughed so hard!!

Nothing like quoting Bible verses to your mother to put her in her place! :)

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